New Web-Based Integrated Direct Marketing Service Launched

ProList, Inc., a Maryland based direct marketing service provider announced the launch of a new business venture, SnailWorks, an integrated direct marketing platform. Concurrent with the announcement was the unveiling of a new website,

The service is designed to allow mailers to coordinate traditional direct mail efforts with new media such as email marketing, web landing pages, and mobile marketing. Direct mail projects set up in the SnailWorks system will be tracked as they travel through the Postal Service, using Intelligent Mail, and when each mail piece is delivered, that event will “trigger” other follow-up efforts such as email, telemarketing, or text messaging.

The system will also host and track web and mobile-based landing pages that prospects will be able to access from the direct mail or follow-up efforts. “We use the term “snail mail” lovingly,” said Vice President Dave Lewis, one of the designers of the new service. “Direct mail – snail mail, if you will – remains at the heart of most direct marketing efforts, particularly fund raising. Our customers aren’t looking to abandon direct mail, but they want to make it more effective. They want to use other channels, like email, to make it better. That’s what SnailWorks is all about.”

The new service uses a web-based campaign creation portal to walk marketers through the process of creating an integrated campaign, prompting them as to what creative pieces they need to create, and setting up the business rules that the campaign will follow in being deployed. The marketer provides the strategic component of the project – the creative, the value proposition – and SnailWorks provides the tactical tools to coordinate and deploy it.

“The coordination is what makes our service special,” adds Lewis. “Timing is critical to direct marketing, and we get it all to work together. Just as important, we make it relatively simple to execute.”

SnailWorks services will be provided directly to direct marketers in the Washington, DC area, and will be offered through resellers across the country in the coming months.