Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP)

Visual Marking Systems is SGP Certified

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) has announced that the Ohio-based print facility of Visual Marking Systems Inc. (VMS) is now SGP Certified. VMS is a renowned graphic design services provider, producing specialty signage, graphics, overlays, POP/POS, and more. The print facility views SGP Certification as a way to improve the company economically, socially, and environmentally. Certification engages the company's entire supply chain, which ultimately minimizes shipping costs, waste, and time.

After embarking on several sustainable projects that proved to reduce energy consumption and operating costs, VMS recognized the value of sustainability and became SGP Certified. SGP Certification was an opportunity for VMS to make a positive impact on the world, while allowing it to market itself as a dedicated and sustainable company. Through the Certification, VMS has demonstrated ways to reduce costs and now is constantly striving to reduce its impact on the world.

"SGP Certification provides the continuous education that will allow VMS to do better," comments Dolf Kahle, CEO, VMS. "In becoming Certified, our company can provide economical, social, and environmental improvements, for both us and our customers."

"By gaining VMS as a certified printer, SGP expands its visibility within the imaging community. Not only does VMS serve the retail market space, but more importantly, the OEM market," comments Marci Kinter, Chairperson, SGP. "VMS's reputation within the OEM market provides SGP a foothold into this ever-increasing and important market. We are excited to welcome VMS into the SGP certified community."

VMS values the framework that SGP Certification provides to manage its operations. The SGP audits keep VMS credible and provide the company with the tools to complete yearly continuous improvement projects that help enhance its bottom line. The newly-Certified printer also recognizes that it makes good business sense to invest in a program that incorporates EHS laws from the EPA, Workman's Comp, and OSHA.

VMS prints uses eco-solvent, latex, or environmentally friendly UV ink on any of its ten different digital printing lines. It also is able to provide solutions for screen printing, ranging from 24x26 inches to 52x96 inches through eleven different screen lines.