Franchise Services, Inc.

Sir Speedy, PIP and Signal Graphics Locations Now Building Websites Inside Facebook

Franchise Services, Inc. announces that their Sir Speedy, PIP and Signal Graphics brands now offer websites inside Facebook. This service complements the brands’ existing desktop and mobile website design services, providing a more comprehensive overall Web presence for their clients. The service leverages Facebook’s applications platform, to create website pages within a company’s existing Facebook business page.

The Franchise Services family of brands caters to small- and medium-sized businesses, among which this offering has already gained considerable traction. It has also garnered interest with large corporations, who have been equally challenged to make social media an effective sales, marketing and promotional resource.

“With more than 850 million active users, Facebook has become a powerful platform for businesses of all sizes,” said David Robidoux, Franchise Services’ Vice President of Marketing. “Our websites inside Facebook are an efficient and effective means of reaching Facebook users with important information about a business that complements the activity on their Facebook timeline.”

Websites inside Facebook are fully customizable with dynamic features that include nearly two dozen core functions, from simple about us and product details to a video channel, coupon builder, lead generation form and more. The site functions similar to a traditional website, just inside of a Facebook business page.