Que Media Inc.

Que Media Q2 Updates

Que Media has several updates moving into the second quarter os 2012.

Que Medi'a, after rigorous testing of its Latex media at the HP facility in Spain, is now approved and registered as a Latex Media Developer. The company has been granted permission to place the "HP Registered Latex Developer" logo on its white box packaging.

Que Media has also recently improved its solvent coating formula on its fabrics to better resist yellowing cause by UV and other atmospheric elements. This coating has not changed the look and feel of the product but has enhanced its sustainability.

One of the biggest issue with Polypropylene has always been the curling that occurs which can ruin a print. Que Media's new process which places a specially formulated coating on the backside of the media has fixed this issue and forced the Polypropylene base into a stay flat submission. "QM-DSWRPPP - 8 mil Production Smooth Matte Poly Pro" will lay flat even in cold conditions. This new "stay flat" PolyPro will be available in 36-, 50-, and 60-inch rolls.

The next new product is a 6 mil vinyl with grey low tack, removable adhesive. This product is the perfect balance of weight and tack so your mounted graphic stays mounted until you decide to remove it without leaving behind a sticky residue. The grey backing offers 99 percent Opacity which will keep your graphics vibrant even in brightly backlit areas. "QM-TAC" is available in 36-, 42-, and 50-inch rolls.

Changes: Added QM-TAC and QM-DSWRPPP to product offering.
KEG-ID New 6 3/4"

Discontinued but available with deep discounts are QM-MBLFP, QM-PPGL, QM-MPBOB, QM-IJPERF (50/50), QM-COTCAN, QM-LAMPET4, QM-15FC1000M, QM-POP, and QM-TYVEK.