Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP)

Webcrafters, Inc. Achieves SGP Certification

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) has announced that the Madison, WI facility of Webcrafters, Inc. is SGP Certified. Webcrafters is a nationally recognized leader in conventional and digital, four-color book and catalog manufacturing. SGP Certification complements the print facility's lean manufacturing efforts and FSC and SFI chain-of-custody certifications. It also strengthens Webcrafters' commitment to being an environmentally-responsible manufacturing company, and a socially-responsible force within its community.

"Webcrafters is proud to add SGP Certification to our family of sustainability initiatives," comments Jac Garner, President and CEO, Webcrafters, Inc. "SGP Certification provides a formal structure that not only recognizes our past and present sustainability efforts, but builds upon that success going into the future."

"Webcrafters has been dedicated to sustainability for many years and the SGP Certification is another achievement to their commitment to sustainability and to continuous improvement," states Gary Jones, SGP Technical Committee Chairperson.

Before SGP Certification, Webcrafters ran a sustainable operation for decades, and identified that with a few modifications to its processes, it could easily fulfill SGP's Certification requirements. Today, Webcrafters continues to evaluate its processes to reduce its environmental impact, which the company recognizes its importance to its customers, employees, and community.