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First Oce ColorStream 3700 Webfed Inkjet System in Asia

Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery and a Canon Group company, announced that Hucais in China is the first in Asia to invest in a market-leading Océ ColorStream 3700 production press as part of a total digital solution. It will include consulting, data systems and management, services, materials as well as post-processing.

Getting more personal in all-important digital printing market

Hucais is one of China’s biggest printing companies and is headquartered in the Chencun Industrial Zone in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, South China. With 5,000 employees, the award-winning company wanted to expand its offering in the growing digital book printing market. Part of the company’s growth strategy is to increase significantly its digital book production to retail outlets – currently totalling 150 – in the next few years. Hucais required ever more sophisticated personalized printing matter in color and monochrome.

Océ first began discussions with Hucais at Canon Expo in Shanghai in May 2011. Hucais was among Chinese offset customers attending workshops where Océ provided briefings on its digital printing solutions, in particular the inkjet portfolio including the new Océ ColorStream Twin series.

Total digital printing solutions for graphic arts market

The new Océ ColorStream 3700 continuous feed production printer will be producing up to 20 million A4 images a month at the 60,000 square metres Dongguan headquarters where 1,800 employees are based. A specific focus will be study books such as education manuals and personal diaries. Other Hucais core areas include high quality packaging printing including perfume, cigarettes and stationery sectors.

The Océ ColorStream 3700 combines Océ DigiDot inkjet technology with the flexibility of the market-leading Océ VarioStream printers. This system not only prints at speeds of up to 100 meters per minute at a print width of approximately 540 mm, but also varies the size of each inkjet dot to create images that are visually 1200 dpi.

Green benefits of new system

Supported by Océ, Hucais will increase productivity and automation through greater efficiencies using two-and-a-half times less power than comparable systems. Features such as printing in speed ramps which allows page one quality printing or the paper waste-free print pause significantly increase the productivity and sustainability of the Océ ColorStream 3700 system.

Chengwen Chen, President and Chairman of the Hucais Group Co. Ltd.: “We are delighted to invest in Océ’s color systems for short-run books, having already been a customer for its cutsheet systems. These webfed inkjet systems produce excellent print quality, are easy to use, extremely environmentally friendly from a company that provides all-round excellent service. Digital is an important pillar in the printing environment for the future, as well as being complementary to offset. The printing market in China continues to expand and we see Océ as an important partner to help our sustained future growth.”

Importance of digital printing in Asia is growing

Sebastian Landesberger, Executive Vice President, Océ Printing Systems, comments: “Asia is an important, new economic center in the world and its growth is a power engine of the global economy. As the worldwide leader in continuous feed color and b&w printing systems, this announcement of the first Océ ColorStream 3700 webfed inkjet system in Asia is an important step in further growing our market share. We are delighted that Hucais Printing in China is expanding in the digital book printing market with Océ and recognizes the growing importance of investing further in digital. We look forward to partnering with them and other innovative printing companies in Asia and across the world that want to unlock the unlimited potential of high-speed digital printing.”