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Mitsubishi Paper Mills Announces Plans for drupa 2012

Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd., a leading manufacturer of specialty papers and chemistry-free CTP platesetters and plates and the parent company of Mitsubishi Imaging, will introduce a number of innovations for the printing industry at drupa ’12 with the theme "Print.Profit.Preserve."

“We are anticipating an exciting drupa ‘12 with a high level of interest in Mitsubishi’s innovative products for both digital and offset printing,” said Catherine Cartolano, Vice President, Sales & Technical Services, Mitsubishi Imaging. “With such a wide variety of printing technologies available, and our customers facing an extremely competitive environment, Mitsubishi iscommitted to providing the best, affordable solutions for the next generation of print.”

Highlighting the expansive Mitsubishi exhibit is the introduction of the newViolet DigiPlater (VDP-CF3070) CTP platesetter with the latest generation of chemical-free offset printing plates, VioletDigiPlate (VDP). The Violet DigiPlate is a true chemical-free polymer plate with cross-linking technology available in polyester plate material in various thicknesses up to 0.28 mm. The excellent printing properties of the Violet DigiPlatewill be demonstrated live on a Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74 offset press.

The VDP plate is imaged by a fully-automatic CTP internal drum device with violet laser. The VDP-CF3070 is designed for a maximum plate size of 780 x 680 mm (30.70” x 26.77”). After imaging, the plates are washed off in the built-in processor with only water and without any chemicals. This compact and environmentally-friendly CTP system is characterized by low energy consumptionand chemical-free production.

Mitsubishi Paper Mills will also conduct technology demonstrations of their recycling unit designed to clean the wash-off water used in the platesetter, thereby making the water available for re-use after a process.

The VDP plate system will be available for commercial release in the Americas after Graph Expo ’12.

The Thermal DigiPlater TDP-459 for small offset printing will also be featured at drupa. This compact table-top system, designed for 2-up printing, images paper offset printing plates without any consumables other than the plate material itself. The TDP system is an environmentally-friendly CTP system which is chemical-free and processless.

Mitsubishi will conduct live demos forapplications in printed electronics with its recently announced Silver Nano ink and media system. With this system, userscan obtain electrical circuitry without any post process requirements, simply by using inkjet technology with Silver Nano ink and special media.

And, on a large format Epson inkjet printer, Mitsubishi’s high level of competence in inkjet film and paper materials, and in applications in the reprographic and photographic range, will be demonstrated.

Also to be shown are new, high quality coated communication paper products including Mitsubishi Paper Mills’ extensive portfolio of specialty imaging media designed for today’s high-speed commercial inkjet presses.

Mitsubishi Imaging invites you to experience the new, environmentally-friendly systems and materials from Mitsubishi Paper Mills in Hall 9, Stand C22 at drupa.

About Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd.

Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd. is a parent company of Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc. Since its founding in 1898, Mitsubishi Paper Mills has constantly sought to employ its technological strengths to contribute to society. By developing and marketing value-added products that anticipate the needs of the next generation, the Company has played an important role in the development of information media in Japan in the publishing and printing industries, as well as in the development of photographic technology. Mitsubishi Paper Mills manufactures and sells almost the entire range of media products and materials used in all information recording processes, including paper for offset printing, materials for printing plates as well as printing systems, but also carbonless and thermal paper, digital photography materials, silver halide photographic paper and paper for inkjet printing. The Company's strategic business portfolio also includes the production of specialty materials such as highly-functional filters. Mitsubishi Paper Mills has production and research facilities in Japan, Germany, China, and Mexico, giving the Company easy access to the global market. To learn more, visit