FUJIFILM North America Corporation

Xerox Color 800 Press from Fujifilm Gives Indiana Printer Increased Quality and Speed

Pentzer Printing, a $2.5 million commercial printer, is the first commercial printer in southern Indiana to operate a Xerox Color 800 Press from FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division.

“We were pushing the limits of our existing equipment,” said John Settle, chief operating officer of Columbus, Indiana-based Pentzer Printing. “We’ve been using Xerox pressesand working with Fujifilm for close to nine years; we looked at Fujifilm as a partner in our business. We discussed our challenges and our needs for the future and when we saw thecapabilities of the Xerox Color 800 Press, we knew this was the machine we were looking for.”

Pentzer Printing has been serving its customers long enough to see the transition from offset printing to digital printing, and the continuing trend for shorter, more complex print runs and variable data. “The Xerox Color 800 Press helps us win jobs we otherwise would not bid on. Before, there were some offset jobs that should have been digital, but the quality just wasn’t there. The 800 has changed all that,” Settle said.

“In terms of quality, the Xerox Color 800 Press comes as close to offset as I’ve seen,” Settle said. “The 800’s speed and efficiency helps us get jobs on and off the press quickly, allowing us to do more, faster. Once our customers and prospects see what the 800 can do, they’re very interested in working with us. Brokers and designers we worked withbefore we installed the 800 are very excited about getting their next job printed on the 800 because of its creativecapabilities, like the clear ink. The clear ink option will provide additional versatility to our existing customers and allow us to bring in new business.”

The optional clear dry ink station available on the Xerox Color800 Press offers print buyers more creative freedom,supporting inventive spot finishes and effects that would otherwise require processing through additional equipment. Clear dry ink allows for such design elements as images and text highlighting for visual impact, or the addition of digital watermarks for artistic effect or security.

“The Xerox Color 800 Press will keep us ahead of our customers’ needs,” Settle says, “instead of having to play catch up, we can be proactive. We have no limitations now, there’s no one in the area who can match what we can do with the Xerox 800. As far as Pentzer Printing is concerned, the Xerox Color 800 Press has performed as advertised.”

For more information about the Xerox Color 800 Press available from Fujifilm Graphic Systems, please visit: www.fujifilmusa.com/graphics.