Visual Magnetics

Visual Magnetics Announces InvisiLock Custom Engineered Magnet with Surface Protect

Visual Magnetics (, developer of the revolutionary Visual Magnetics Graphic System that matches magnetic-receptive technologies with high-quality print media, today announced the introduction of a new InvisiLock magnet with a white scuff-resistant coating called Surface Protect.

InvisiLock custom engineered sheet magnet is a flexible 30-40 mils thick roll or sheet magnet which may be applied to virtually any surface, incorporated into frames and fixtures, or simply applied to wall surfaces. With the addition of the white Surface Protect ™ coating, InvisiLock can now be layered on top of graphics or light colored walls without concern about scuffing of the application surface.

InvisiLock custom engineered magnet with Surface Protect is now available in the same sheet and roll sizes as standard InvisiLock magnet.