Durst Image Technology US, LLC

Durst Demonstrated the Productivity of Its New Rho 320R HS (High Speed) Roll to Roll Printer

The new Rho 320R HS is a “High Speed” version of its market leading roll to roll printer and offers the same flexibility and photorealistic quality but at a maximum speed of up to 140 m2/hr in 4 or 6 colours.

It will print large rolls with a diameter of up to 600 mm and a width of 3.2 m (or 2 rolls of 160 cm each) and is capable of unattended printing for maximising productivity and cost saving.

The outstanding productivity is a result of further development of Durst’s own Quadro Array printhead technology. In addition to the compact design of the nozzle outlets, the temperature of the ink is precisely controlled via the ink feeding system and the inbuilt electronics guarantee the size and accurate placement of the drops. This provides pin sharp text as small as 4 pt. and banding-free full colour images, without "smoothing" caused by overlapping the printing of ink drops. This can result in unnecessary consumption of ink and a pasty appearance of the print.

The new machine is capable of printing on the widest range of materials, including paper, films, polyester textiles and vinyl and changing media is fast and simple. With 24/7 reliability, maximised production workflow and even faster turnaround the Rho 320R HS could provide real profit opportunities.