Durst Image Technology US, LLC

Durst presents its new inkjet engine for industrial screen printing applications

The Durst Rho IP (Industrial Print) engine is a purpose built inkjet solution for industrial screen and pad printing applications.

It is a high speed inkjet engine which can be integrated into automated production lines and configured according to the application. The industrial production machine will also provide screen and pad printers with the highest levels of flexibility. This will enable them to profit from short runs, print on demand and just in time production, whilst being able to print directly onto the widest range of media.

It is ideally suited for the production of membrane switches, instrument panels, dashboards, cover plates (e.g. for washing machines) and small items typical of pad printing applications.

The Rho IP engine offers the highest quality print, including finest text and solid lines and also perfect edge sharpness and registration. For printing on smaller items, templates can be mounted onto the table.

The modularity of the machine will allow up to 5 ink channels (CMYK plus white) and there are 6 printheads per channel. The print engine can be equipped with up to 15,000 nozzles producing a printing speed of 8 seconds per table in single pass mode, or 20 seconds in per table in scanning 4 colour mode including Variable Data Printing, if required. The standard table is 300 x 600 mm. 

The innovative vacuum table uses mechanical pin registration and the vacuum is applied through microscopic pores in an aluminium plate.