The Envelope: Fast-tracking into the Future of Customized Communication

Recipients of advertising messages want to have an envelope. As the battle for customers rages in letterboxes and email inboxes, the information and media company Nielsen confirms the unique advertising effect of the envelope – even in the digital age. Interestingly, customers today expect both the value of a real envelope as well as the individualized approach of an email – while in order to increase the impact for advertisers and advertising agencies, quality, target-oriented direct mail must be faster. W+D introduces the W+D 234 d, the fastest industrial, digital 4-color envelope over printer – with high-speed 1:1- marketing – far ahead of the competition.

As the world’s leading technology and system solutions partner, W+D has been pursuing its passion for envelope innovations since 1913, the year in which the rotation principle for envelope machines was invented. W+D has nearly a century of experience in the manufacture and further processing of envelopes. W+D believes today more than ever in the decisive role of the envelope in the future.

The customized envelope: the most powerful direct medium in the digital age.

A recent Nielsen study reveals that the customized envelope represents the most effective mailing option in comparison to personalized email, self-mailers and wrappers, and compared to the standard envelope. A customized envelope generates the highest recall value. It is most frequently opened and its contents are most likely to be read. Moreover, the customized envelope clearly surpasses its competitors with respect to its perceived value. As such, no other customized alternative for distributing information motivates its recipients more.

The envelope: future with young recipients in particular.

Younger target groups (16–34 years old) assess physical envelopes even more positively than older target groups (55–65 years old); but only when these are highly customized. Younger target groups want the best of both worlds: a real envelope and the high degree of personalization of an email.

The envelope: as efficient as an email.

For reasons of cost and efficiency many advertisers focus more upon delivering quantity via emails than quality via direct mail. “It is imperative to continue to increase the envelope`s impact with 1:1 customization, whilst at the same time minimizing the efficiency disadvantages compared to electronic communication: the time-to-mailbox – the time from conception to delivery – is decisive," says Jochen Engelke, CEO, W+D.

W+D 234 d – The World`s Fastest Industrial, Digital 4-color Envelope Overprinter

Since the integration of Buhrs ITM, the envelope inserting solutions company, in 2010, with more than 40 years of experience, W+D has been the sole technology and system solutions partner worldwide to serve the complete mail value chain – from production of the envelope