Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak Provides VERSAMARK Customers the Highest Level of Print Assurance

Customers of KODAK VERSAMARK Digital Printing Systems receive the highest levels of assurance and optimized system performance when using KODAK Brand Inks. Only Kodak can provide VERSAMARK System customers with the assurance that inks and fluids are engineered, print tested, and optimized for system fluid consumption prior to customer order.

“Our customers require that their VERSAMARK Systems operate at the best performance and quality levels possible,” said Michael L. Marsh, Kodak’s General Manager of Inkjet Printing Solutions and Vice President. “When KODAK Inks and Fluids are used, customers gain peace of mind in knowing that their equipment is protected and running with optimal printing performance in all operating conditions.”

Kodak reaffirmed the value to customers in buying KODAK Inks for VERSAMARK Systems as the supplier agreement between Collins Ink and Kodak concluded yesterday. Collins Ink is no longer an approved supplier of inks and fluids for KODAK VERSAMARK printing systems. Current customers of KODAK VERSAMARK Digital Printing Systems may continue to order KODAK Inks directly from Kodak with no change or disruption in service.

Ink and fluids are one of the many engineered components that comprise VERSAMARK Digital Printing Systems. As such, KODAK Inks and Fluids are designed to interact with printing systems software, controllers and printheads as part of a complete printing solution to produce consistent results with maximum uptime. Only Kodak can engineer, optimize system fluid consumption, and test inks for KODAK Systems prior to customer order.