Glunz & Jensen Inc.

Strong Growth Sees Glunz & Jensen Expand Their Production Facilities into China

Glunz & Jensen are excited to announce that they are establishing a new production facility, Glunz & Jensen Asia, in the Suzhou region of China, approximately 80 km west of Shanghai. This new facility will open in June 2012 and will expand on the company’s existing production facilities in Slovakia and USA, delivering the widely acclaimed Glunz & Jensen products to the Chinese and south-east Asian markets.

“Growth in the Asian region is a strategic aim of Glunz & Jensen,“ says CEO Keld Thorsen, “With the new facility, Glunz & Jensen will be closer to our customers and the Asian market, enabling us to respond much more quickly to market needs within commercial, newspaper and packing printing.”

Initially, Glunz & Jensen Asia will carry out assembly and completion of products from sub-elements produced at Glunz & Jensen’s factory in Slovakia, though the ambition is to progress towards full Chinese production and local sourcing over the coming year.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to improve customer service and after-sales service for both distributors and end users” says Peter Jensen, Glunz & Jensen’s Vice President, Global Sales & Service. “With strong growth over the previous years, we see this as the ideal way to continue our development in this important region.”