CIP4 Announces Fellowship Award at drupa 2012

The International Cooperation for the Integration of the Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress (CIP4) organization announced at drupa 2012 the presentation of a CIP4 Fellowship to Koen Van de Poel, Technology Manager at Agfa. As a CIP4 Fellow, Koen has been granted a life-long membership in CIP4. The CIP4 Fellowship Award recognizes individuals whose contributions to the development of the Job Definition Format (JDF) Specification are both substantial and significant to the integrity and function of JDF, as well as individuals who may have contributed to the industry's adoption of JDF by educating manufacturers of JDF systems and JDF users, and/or by actively disseminating information about JDF. The CIP4 Fellowship award is made at the discretion of the CIP4 Board of Directors with one Fellowship usually awarded each year.

Koen has served as the Chair of the CIP4 Origination and Prepress working group since April 2001. The Origination and Prepress working group is one of CIP4's most active working groups, and includes sub-groups that focus on content creation and layout creation. The Origination and Prepress working group has authored several Interoperability Conformance Specifications or "ICS" (used in JDF Product Certification and by most companies as a development guide), including the first two ICS documents in 2005, which focused on the creation of impositions and the communications between prepress systems and offset presses. The Origination and Prepress working group has worked on key JDF developments over the years, such as how layout and preflight data are managed within JDF.

In addition to his key role with CIP4 as the Chair of the Origination and Prepress working group, Koen is also a member of the Technical Steering Committee, which reviews all changes to the JDF specification to ensure that its architecture remains intact. Koen has also provided valuable input on the CIP4 open source projects such as the JDF SDKs and the JDF Editor. Beyond his technical input, Koen has also helped as an instructor at several CIP4 JDF technical tutorials and authored a significant portion of the JDF Expert Certification training program.

"Koen's input to the JDF specification and schema cannot not be overstated," says Rainer Prosi, CIP4's Technical Officer and Senior Workflow Architect at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG "JDF wouldn't be what it is today without him. Koen is also very approachable and has been a welcoming presence at many interoperability meetings, where new and old member vendors come together to test ideas and software; he is one of a select few people who define CIP4."

Prior to 2000, Koen was responsible for an Agfa Macintosh software development team that worked on software for high-end digital cameras and mid-to-high-end graphic scanners. His work encompassed developing advanced algorithms for image processing and correcting for scanner artifacts and interfacing. This included pioneering early technologies (at that time) such as SCSI, Firewire and USB, and enhancing firmware developed for OEM scanners to improve the image processing software used to verify the quality of scanners in production. Since 2000 Koen has been responsible for the JDF-enabled integration and information exchange between Agfa products and the products of other vendors, such as MIS systems, digital presses and conventional presses.

"We know Koen as relentless in finding a solution to any problem he is tasked with," says Rudi Lamproye, Head of R&D Software at Agfa Graphics. "Once he has an idea or inspiration he follows up with a strong drive and determination, which has also led to the quality and functionality of our JDF-based products."