PODi, Digital Printing Initiative

PODI Launches Major Cloud Production Printing Initiative with EFI, HP, Xerox, and Other Industry Leaders

PODi has announced a far-reaching new initiative to define how cloud computing will be used to create, prepare and produce printed work. The strategy working group, consisting of a consortium of key industry leaders chaired by Craig White, Distinguished Technologist at HP, will hold their first meeting in Q2 2012. Mr. White describes the effort as "a strategic initiative that will create clarity in how to best utilize the cloud in production workflows."

The initiative has a charter to:

• Identify and prioritize key production applications most likely to benefit from the cloud

• Create a reference workflow and architecture for each production application

• Define the need for any standards required to enable the reference workflow architectures

Rab Govil, CEO of PODi, explains that "today's challenge for developing and delivering direct marketing materials is how to address the complex collaboration among a wide range of geographically and corporately diverse participants." He states, "Production represents only 10 percent of the cycle time for delivering direct marketing materials with the other 90 percent involving activities like coordination, content management, versioning, data processing, testing and approvals."

The proposed model allows for unprecedented collaboration between all the parties involved in the supply chain with benefits including:

• Reduced cycle time through elimination of manual handoffs and translations between workflow steps

• Reduced cost through efficient collaboration between all parties in the supply chain - enterprise, agencies and production providers

• Error reduction through automation