Gandy Digital Inc.

Gandy Digital Sells Two Domin8tor Printers at drupa 2012

Gandy Digital's success story continues at Drupa with two Domin8tor printers sold to Grafimon in Belgium and Sitton in Israel. The Domin8tor with its new larger 2m X 3.05m print size, UV Flatbed, has caught the attention of two Gandy Digital existing customers who already own and appreciate the quality and ease of use of the Pred8tor.

Johan from Grafimon in Belgium says the bigger print size will be a great compliment to their Pred8tor. Johan couldn't believe how Gandy Digital is able to print such crisp lettering on a bigger table size than the Pred8tor 1.22m X 2.44m print size. Johan says we can now consider digital printing as an alternative to offset / litho printing. Johan also mentioned the time saving feature of automatic head height adjustment as this allows Grafimon to change materials quickly without the tedious job of manually measuring.

Oren from Sitton was excited with the larger print size on the Domin8tor as it is possible to print two 1.5m X 2m panels at one time. This gives Sitton even more speed and flexibility in his production. Sitton also needed more production as the quality of the Pred8tor has allowed him to do more of his customers needs, especially the smaller prints used in many in store displays and even his customers product literature. Oren mentioned how the automatic head cleaning was a great time and print head saver as there is no chance of error. Oren is also ordering the automatic loading and unloading that will be available from Gandy Digital.

The Domin8tor is the second new model introduced by the Innovator of the year, James Gandy in less than a year. The first model Pred8tor already has many units installed worldwide with great results. Both printers use a unique 25cm (10") Blade which houses the 6 picoliter printheads saving enormous time in alignment and achieving incredible sharp prints never before on a large format digital printer.

The Domin8tor is quick becoming a big success like the Pred8tor, both models are a true flatbed with a vacuum table. The Domin8tor like the Pred8tor also has the ability to print white or clear inline, has a sectional vacuum zone and utilizes the versatility of iPad controlled GUI.

Both the Pred8tor and the Domin8tor are displayed at Drupa and both units were sold within the first day of the start of Drupa.