Glunz & Jensen Inc.

Satisfaction in Turkey Brings Repeat Business

One of Turkey leading daily newspapers, Hürriyet, has purchased a second fully automated prepress line from Glunz & Jensen.

“A few months ago, the Hürriyet printing plant in Trabzon upgraded their prepress facility with a fully automated punch & bend line from Glunz & Jensen,” says Bo Christensen, Area Sales Manager. “As we got ready to open the doors at Drupa 2012, Hürriyet decided to try to repeat their success by purchasing a second fully automated punch & bend line for their printing plant in Antalya.

“Mr. Hamil, General Coordinator for Printing Plants at Hürriyet sees the great value in Glunz & Jensen’s automated Vision punch benders for eliminating poor printing quality and minimizing production costs,” explains Bo Christensen and adds, “Our valued dealer, Sabri Dizmen from Nova Baski Sistemleri, has done remarkably well in promoting our products and really understands the return-on-investment gained from Vision registration.” Both prepress lines also include Glunz & Jensen processors.

Glunz & Jensen Vision punch & bend equipment has been the preferred solution in Turkey for the past 15 years or more. Prior to 2006, the equipment was branded “K&F International”, but in 2006 Glunz & Jensen acquired K&F, enabling Glunz & Jensen to provide complete, integrated prepress solutions.