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Drupa 2012: Veripress Softproofing Software Implemented into manroland web systems Press Console Desk

Serendipity Software Pty Ltd, a leading provider of digital proofing products for the prepress, printing, sign, poster and mapping industries, announces that at drupa 2012 manroland web systems is showcasing the implementation of its Veripress softproofing software into the manroland web systems press console desk.

Veripress is an on-press softproofing system and the next generation in digital proofing. Built around an advanced colour management system with a touch screen interface, Veripress uses platesetter RIP files and a huge number of other input data formats to generate verified colour-matched proofs on screen at the touch of a button.

In an era where the productivity demands of high volume press environments mean less time available for hardcopy proofs, softproofing is the logical solution. Fast, cost efficient and easy to use, Veripress ensures proofs are ready on the press as soon as the plates arrive.

“The PressProof TC solution that has been implemented into the press console at manroland web systems enhances the press proofing process significantly”, as Peter Skarpatis, President of Serendipity Software explains. “We are very happy that we could partner with manroland web systems, an established player in the industry, to roll out our latest product developments.”

Created to precisely emulate the properties of the press and substrate on screen, press configurations are an integral part of the Veripress softproofing solution. Users define the operating gamut of the press via a Match ICC profile. Dot gain curves can be added to compensate for the dot gain of each process CMYK ink and spot colour, as well as that of the platesetter device. Replacement colour sets can be used for printing processes with non-standard ink setups. The printable sheet area of the press can be entered, along with its number of keys. Press configurations can define the white point of the paper being used, entered manually based on the Match ICC profile, or even by measuring the substrate with a supported Spectrophotometer <> . The paper's show-through properties can be defined, including a dot gain curve for the back page; a maximum ink weight set and horizontal or vertical stretch factor. Press configurations can be switched instantly via the touch console to view a job as it would look when printed by a different press, or on another paper type.

Manuel Kosok, Manager Project Engineering & Product Management Automation, from manroland web systems adds: “We are very pleased that we have found a reliable and experienced partner for this implementation. The track navigation system is a unique feature that allows the printer to move the monitor across the press desk whereby the image follows the press sheet position. Press TC is a very sophisticated solution that can be implemented by manroland web systems into all press consoles for web and sheetfed printing presses.”

Visitors can see the PressProof to color for commercial presses at the manroland booth in hall 6/D29 and at the Serendipity Software booth in Hall 8b/A72.