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SmartSoft Announces AccuMail Software Integration Partnership with Euclid Technology

Datatech SmartSoft Inc. has announced an integration partnership with Euclid Technology. Their products include the association management solution ClearVantage. Seamlessly integrated into the ClearVantage system, AccuMail Verify Web gives Euclid customers the power to validate address information in real time as it is entered, as well as perform batch verification and correction across their entire database, using the powerful AccuMail addressing engine.

“We’re pleased to be partnering with Euclid to provide data hygiene services. ClearVantage is a best-in-class product that is designed to help customers streamline their operations and grow their revenue. Accurate contact data plays a big part in this, increasing efficiency and providing significant cost savings to an organization,” said Michael Shroyer, President of Datatech SmartSoft.

Euclid customers who subscribe to the new service can enjoy all the benefits of accurate contact data, including lower mailing costs and less waste, increased ROI on marketing campaigns, a positive impact on their business reputation and much more.

“We are very excited about our partnership with SmartSoft,” said Euclid President and CEO, Charlie Vinal. “More and more of our clients, after focusing almost exclusively on email communications for the past few years, are adding traditional mail back into their communications strategy. To be successful, they need clean and accurate address information.

“Euclid looked at all of the options for providing real-time and batch address verification to our enterprise products and Accumail’s Verify Web was clearly the best choice for us. The service itself is easily accessible through standard web service calls, and their tech team was very helpful throughout the integration process.

“The result is that it’s easy for our clients to clean up their existing contact information (our first client cleaned and verified 87,000 addresses on the first run!) and with the real-time address verification, all new addresses, whether entered by the customer online or by a customer representative, are CASS certified, verified and updated as they are entered. This ensures that our clients get the best rates on postage and, even more importantly, that all of their communications are delivered to their customers.”