InfoTrends Predicts that Digital Technologies will Significantly Influence Printed Textile Market

InfoTrends believes the time has finally come for digital technologies to significantly influence the printed textile market. In its multi-client study Transforming Textile Printing, InfoTrends will answer key questions as well as provide insight on the printed textile market. Digital printing has broken through from the proofing and prototyping market and is now viable for short-run production. The dominant production processes today are analog flatbed and rotary screen presses. Work currently produced on flatbed screen textile presses is now well within the capabilities of the latest generation of digital textile printers.

In this multi-client study, InfoTrends will identify major factors that are driving change in the global textile printing market such as supply chain requirements, globalization, buyer demands, advances in printing technologies, and new players / print service provider evolution. Furthermore, this study will provide insight into the support your customers require in this channel and provide strategic support regarding how to move forward with initiatives in the textile space.

It will:

  • Determine outlook for analog to digital transition in the textile printing market
  • Gauge outlook for demand for digital textile production in different fabric segments (fabrics for garments, interiors, industrial textiles)
  • Identify adoption barriers and pain points in current processes and validate enabling technologies to help subscribers compete more effectively
  • Provide insight about the support end users require and provide strategic support and go-to-market recommendations.

Through a combination of primary and secondary research, InfoTrends will develop an understanding of what business issues different stakeholders within the supply chain have with the production of printed textiles and how to address their unmet needs. It will also investigate their current awareness of digital textile print production in regard to meeting their requirements including quality, productivity, economics, and sustainability.

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