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Adobe Announces Privacy Solution for Digital Advertisers and Publishers

Adobe Systems Incorporated announced enhancements to Adobe TagManager, creating a highly flexible privacy solution that helps digital advertisers and publishers give consumers notice and control over how their data is used online. The solution will initially focus on managing third-party cookies used for behavioral advertising, a requirement of the ePrivacy Directive.

Having a flexible, rapidly deployable privacy solution is proving essential for digital advertisers to address privacy issues in an evolving landscape. This is especially true for global companies operating in multiple geographies. Adobe TagManager can help digital advertisers quickly and easily configure data collection practices by geography.

Utilizing integrated technology from Evidon, a leading provider of privacy and compliance solutions for digital media, Adobe TagManager creates an end-user experience for managing behavioral advertising preferences. Additional benefits of using Adobe TagManager as a privacy solution include:

• Giving consumers control over data collected on the websites they visit where that data is used to personalize the advertising offers they are shown. With Adobe TagManager, digital advertisers and publishers can give consumers an easy way to opt out of receiving such ads on the advertiser’s or publisher’s websites.

• Configuring TagManager by domain and geography to help provide digital advertisers and publishers with customized privacy controls by region.

• Adapting to the changing privacy landscape with the ability to modify notice and consent mechanisms on the fly. This can be done by the digital advertiser or publisher, or it can be done centrally, saving companies the time and expense of managing it themselves.

• Deploying immediately using existing Adobe SiteCatalyst tags without having to update any page code, greatly reducing the time and resources needed to deploy an advanced privacy and tag management solution.

Many websites includes tags (a small piece of code, usually JavaScript) used to capture anonymous audience data. These tags come from various marketing and advertising technologies, such as ad networks or exchanges, used by the website. Managing these tags on each Web page can quickly become overwhelming. Making changes to these tags, including adding or removing them, can also become a time- and resource-intensive project. Adobe TagManager is an enterprise-class tag management solution that leverages Adobe’s scale and expertise capturing more than six trillion transactions annually for many of the world’s largest marketers. Adobe TagManager houses tags from solutions within the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite as well as third-party, tag-based marketing and advertising technologies. This approach facilitates the rapid deployment, removal and governance of these technologies, eliminating the need to make changes to the code on each page. Additionally, TagManager has been purposefully designed to uphold strict corporate requirements around business-critical digital data collection and management.

Quote: MeMe Rasmussen, chief privacy officer, Adobe

“Adobe’s new TagManager privacy feature will be a huge help to our digital advertising and publishing customers who are looking for ways to empower their users with enhanced visibility and control over whether data is collected about browsing activity in an effort to provide relevant advertising.”


Adobe TagManager, used in conjunction with Evidon technology as a privacy solution, is available today. TagManager is also available as part of the Digital Analytics package, which provides a solid foundation upon which companies can build their data collection and analytics. The package is comprised of SiteCatalyst for actionable analytics; Adobe Discover for advanced analytics and audience segmentation; Adobe DataWarehouse for complex data mining; Adobe Genesis for integrating with various marketing and advertising technologies; ReportBuilder for building customized reports and analysis; and TagManager for fast tag deployment and secure implementations. Adobe customers interested in TagManager or the Digital Analytics package can contact an Adobe account manager.