Marvelpress Ltd

Marvelpress Launches New Website

Marvelpress has announced the launch of its new website. Redesigned with a fresh new look and updated news and information, the new website is more focused on the user’s needs as well as providing a detailed overview of Marvelpress’ products and services.

The primary objective of the website is to provide an effective business tool. Marvelpress emphasises making the appropriate information for users available and accessible in a simple way to learn more about the company’s service as well as the digital imaging market.

The site’s homepage welcomes visitors with bold colours, a clean design, and moving images with featured content focused on Marvelpress’ mission to provide customers with stunning personalised products and deliver the industry’s best overall service, fulfilled at an extremely competitive price and delivered quickly worldwide.

In addition to the site’s informative content, the design is developed in a way so as to provide an excellent user experience. Marvelpress strives to add more information to update users with the latest happenings in the company such as events and product launches through ongoing list of photos, videos and articles.

Furthermore, the new website is closely linked to Marvelpress’ groundbreaking software solution which enables B2B product decorators to manage orders as well as multiple customers with complete confidence.