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Great Reception for the Latest Marabu Products at drupa 2012

The two Marabu stands at the drupa trade show displayed the latest innovations from the company’s digital and screen printing ink range – sparking the interest of visitors from all over the world.

“We have never presented so many new products as we did this year at drupa – and the record number of visitors to our two stands is proof that it paid off. We were particularly delighted to see so many industrial customers and visitors,” reports Friedrich Goldner, Director of Marketing at Marabu. 

Marabu unveils a new water-based digital printing ink: MaquaJet DA-E

At Marabu’s digital printing stand, a unique three-in-one display drew the attention of trade show visitors: the new eco-friendly water-based digital printing ink MaquaJet DA-E was presented in the innovative Marabox, a recyclable cardboard cartridge. It was applied to Ilford BioMedia film in a continuous live demonstration. MaquaJet DA-E produces excellent results on printers employing EPSON printheads and is perfect for a broad range of both coated and uncoated substrates.

Another product causing a stir was Marabu’s new UltraJet DUV-F UV ink, also showcased live at the trade show. Designed for flexible substrates, this ink is characterised by minimum odour after curing. Its exceptional formulation means the flexibility of the substrate is completely retained. This new addition rounds out Marabu’s UV ink portfolio. Featuring the popular products DUV-H (Hybrid) and DUV-R (Rigid), the range now offers solutions for all applications.

Marabu inks: for the perfect finish

World premiere: Italian printer manufacturer Durst used Marabu’s UV-curable coating Marashield UV-GBC in a live demonstration of the new Durst Rho 1000, which features an integrated roller-coating unit. The result? Digital printing par excellence.

Marabu’s screen-printing innovations at the ESMA Screencity pavilion

The screen printing stand focussed on three product highlights: the low-migration Ultrapack UVFP for food packaging; Ultrapack LEDC, the first ink series designed specifically for UV-LED curing; and the new Ultramold UVPC for the IMD process. The development of Ultramold UVPC is a true milestone for Marabu – bringing the robust properties necessary for the IMD process to a UV-curing ink system. 

First-rate screen printing up close

Marabu made a further appearance at the trade show in conjunction with Sakurai. As part of a live demonstration, the Japanese printer manufacturer applied Marabu’s UV special-effect inks pn offset prints and Ultragraph UVAR to PET film using the Maestro cylinder screen printing press.