Heytex Establishes US Subsidiary in North Carolina

In connection with the global Heytex growth strategy, the Bramsche-based company covers the significant US market by its own subsidiary as of now. The new Heytex Corp. in Hendersonville, NC will be responsible for the distribution of all Heytex textiles in the USA. Joe Trnka and Bruce Walker were appointed Regional Sales Managers USA for the new company.

“Maximum proximity to the market and our customers is the prerequisite for sustainable growth. In particular on the important US market we want to make more efficient use of our potential from now on. Therefore, the establishment of the new Heytex Corp. run by experienced experts in this industry is a consequent step in connection with our global growth strategy”, Heytex CEO Dr. Heribert Decher summarizes the expectations regarding the new Heytex US subsidiary.

Heytex Corp. with registered office in Hendersonville, NC, will be in charge of the distribution of all Heytex products on the US market, i.e. sign textiles, fabrics and textiles for industrial applications in various industries (e.g. automotive, biogas plants and tanks), textile solutions for boats and pools and for numerous other applications.

With Joe Trnka and Bruce Walker, Heytex was able to take on two experienced and renowned experts in this industry for the regional sales management of the new Heytex Corp.

Heytex Corp. Regional Sales Management in a nutshell:

For nearly 30 years, Joe Trnka has been working as a manager in the field of graphic products. American users and business partners know Joe Trnka, not least due to his long and successful work for Neschen USA. From 1994 to 2009, he represented the German company on the US market, since 2004 as president of Neschen USA. Prior to that, Joe Trnka had worked for Adco Sign Corp. in a leading position for about 14 years. “For me it is an enormously exiting challenge to consequently and sustainably increase the market shares of the Heytex brand products on the US market”, says the fishing enthusiast and amateur scuba diver, who is very much looking forward to his new task.

Bruce Walker, too, is amongst the internationally renowned experts for digital technical textiles. Since 1990, he has been working in the field of digital print and advertising technology. Originally coming from the print sector (Vutek) in the early 1990s, Bruce Walker later became the coach of the Neschen Sales Teams for textile printing, then he was part of the US Sales Management of Verseidag and later on CEO of The Image Syndicate. The technically well-versed textile specialist is very interested in arts, not least due to his professional training. “To open up new distribution channels for six different Heytex product groups – from Texas to Hawaii and Alaska – is a task I am very much looking forward to”, Bruce Walker concisely summarizes his core objectives for the new Heytex Corp.