Pamarco Global Graphics

Pamarco Global Graphics Launches iPhone and iPpad Application for Optimum Anilox Roll-To-Plate Combination

Pamarco Global Graphics has announced the launch of its Flexo Application for the iPhone and iPad. The app is the first of its kind in the industry and allows printers and OEM companies to choose the optimum engraving brand, anilox calculations for line and screen plates including min printing dot, it also includes the optimum volume range for high quality print as well as HD print technology. This solution provides two main benefits: The information is delivered instantly to a mobile device, and the electronic delivery contributes to everyone’s sustainability efforts by providing a paperless solution.

“The new app demonstrates Pamarco’s forward–thinking vision and commitment to the growing needs of the print industry,” said company Vice President Dave McBeth. “The company has added yet another level of value for the members of the print community.”

The new App can be download directly from the Apple store.