Clear Focus Imaging, Inc.

Clear Focus Imaging President Debbie Ross Receives 2012 Women in Business Award

Clear Focus Imaging owner and president Debbie Ross has been named a recipient of the North Bay Business Journal’s 2012 Women in Business Awards. Ross shares the honor with 14 other businesswomen in San Francisco’s North Bay region.

More than 100 women professionals have received the prestigious award, which was created by Debbie Meekins, California market president for Sonoma Bank, over a decade ago. An awards reception and dinner will be held June 28 marking the 40th anniversary of Title IX, the federal law that helped level the playing field for women in sports.

The second award received from the North Bay Business Journal, Clear Focus was named a Top Manufacturer in the North Bay in the Innovation − Nontechnology Category in 2011. The 13 award winners included a pharmaceutical manufacturer specializing in products treating rare diseases; a renewable energy technology company; manufacturers of high-precision products for the aerospace, defense, electronics, and wireless communications industries; and family-owned food and beverage producers.