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Object Systems Finds Addressing Success with AccuMail NCOA Toolkit from Datatech SmartSoft

Object Systems International, provider of enterprise-class, cloud-based records management solutions for the travel, timeshare and recruiting industry, as well as custom software development services, have chosen Datatech SmartSoft as their address hygiene software partner. SmartSoft will provide address verification and Move Update services to Object Systems, through their AccuMail Move Toolkit.

The AccuMail Move Toolkit helps to keep address databases current as individuals, families and companies move, utilizing the very latest NCOALink information from the USPS. The toolkit works by providing a bridge between third-party applications and the NCOALink data, which resides on Datatech SmartSoft’s secure servers, negating the need for monthly updates or datasets to install.

Instead, the toolkit connects via the internet to the AccuMail address verification servers using an encrypted method of communication, and records are processed automatically, seamlessly and securely. The AccuMail Move Toolkit comes with Unlimited Annual processing, allowing customers to process as many records as they wish each year.

According to Ryan Healey, Software Development Manager for Object Systems, “We were working on a project that required sophisticated data hygiene processes, and address verification via the USPS NCOALink service was a must.  We considered interfacing with the USPS directly, but didn’t want to tackle the interface ourselves so we looked for a plug-and-play solution. After researching several companies we decided to go with SmartSoft because the web service was easy to implement and the pricing was right for our volume.

This gives Object Systems the ability to run millions of addresses each month through NCOALink without having to worry about how their system interfaces with USPS.  They let the AccuMail web service take care of address verification while they focus on the rest of the functionality required for the project.

“The most pleasant surprise has been that we have had virtually no issues pushing all this data through the service” said Healey. “We have not experienced extensive downtimes, errors with the service, or any major hiccups with the toolkit.  Once we got it installed we have been able to almost forget about the address verification piece and focus on the other components of the project.  During installation we had a few questions, but the sales and support teams were readily available to help us get through them so we could deploy under a strict timeline.  In all, we’ve been very pleased with the service.”