Paradigm Imaging Group

Paradigm Imaging Distributes the Revolutionary Colortrac SmartLF SC 42 Scanner

Paradigm Imaging Group, a leading distributor of large-format scanning and printing solutions, tradeshow displays and graphics, announces their distribution of the Colortrac SmartLF SC 42 large format production scanner.

The revolutionary new SmartLF SC 42 scanner from Colortrac incorporates a new design, meeting the high volume scanning needs of a variety of markets including AEC, CAD, and GIS.  The patented SingleSensor digital imaging technology includes a single, 42-inch wide array of CIS sensors, pre-aligned and housed in a robust structure.  The SingleSensor  provides a higher optical quality, larger color gamut and improved match between sensors, in addition to lower power consumption.   The  SmartLF SC 42 is the first large format scanner to utilize the new SuperSpeed USB3.0 interface, providing data transfer speeds up to 5GB per second – 10 times faster than the USB2 interface. 

Product Highlights:

• 42” scan width

• Scan speeds – Monochrome, 13 inches per second; Color – 6 inches per second

• Data transfer speeds up to 5GB per second

• 1200dpi true optical resolution; 9600dpi maximum resolution

• SmartWorks EZ Touch software included

• 2 year onsite warranty

The SmartLF SC 42 series is available in three models, monochrome (SC 42m), color (SC 42c) and express color (SC 42e).  The “m” and “c” models are upgradeable.  Retail prices start at $6,995.

Says Randy Geesman, President of Paradigm Imaging Group, “The SmartLF SC 42 is truly a revolutionary breakthrough for the wide format scanning market.  It is the perfect combination of innovative technology and quality manufacturing, resulting in a one-of-a-kind solution for many large format scanning applications.  We proudly add the SmartLF SC 42 to our growing portfolio of wide format solutions.”