US Digital Printing Company Hosts Webinar to Kick Off New Marketing Division

After years of successful integration with customers in the marketing services and distributions arena, GlobalSoft Digital Solutions announced its new marketing services and logistics division: GlobalSoft Innovations , with its mission to be an international thought leader in the space of customer-centric marketing, “voice of customer” marketing, cross-media integration, and marketing logistics. 

“Innovations is an accumulation of years of effort and integration of solutions with our customers.  We’ve never been just a digital printer, but more of a marketing consultant/service provider,” said CEO Christopher M. Petro. “We’re excited because we’ve always dealt with customers that have these challenges. As media changes, so does the value and support of our products we offer. Our goal has always been to stay ahead of the curve and bring our clients the most popular, effective, and quantifiable results. GlobalSoft Innovations is an actual progression of those partnerships.”

GSDS, a leading digital printing and distribution company in Mahwah, hosted an exclusive webinar May 31 to officially kick off the Innovations division after it being in soft-launch mode for nine months.

 “The soft launch we did in the fall of 2011 proved its self, so we formalized this division and have collectively committed to the success of it. This is a launch with a mass marketing mindset,” said GlobalSoft Innovations director, Peter Winters. “We want everyone to be aware of our coming out with a successful webinar launch that will not only show our capabilities, but prove them through the education and opportunities we have and can provide to our customer base.”

The hour long webinar delivered to multiple companies interested in learning more about the Innovations approach to the changed world of “marketing communications” and “new media.” Winters presented the impact of this changed world on business marketing plan and processes, with further focus on the ability of Innovations to provide more one-on-one interaction with clients, establish more customer based marketing, integrate cross media presence, and further nurture marketing cycles and projects.

In response to the good feedback of the attendees, the Innovations team plans to continue mass marketing plans for the new division with another possible educational event. Petro commented, “We have case studies. We have experience. We have a non-bias approach to media distribution. Whether its print distribution, media or digital marketing...we can consolidate and compress time toward affective marketing campaigns. We can help them them in this complex and evolving new media world.”

Visit to learn more about GlobalSoft Innovations’ services, as well as, follow its educational and informational blog about the new media world.