Brookfield's Viscosity Control Systems to be Marketed by FLXON

Charlotte, North Carolina based FLXON INC has announced a partnership with Brookfield Engineering Laboratories that includes marketing their entire line of viscosity control systems to the Flexographic and Rotogravure Printing Industries.

For more than 75 years, Brookfield Engineering has been a world leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of precision viscosity measuring technology. Earlier this year, Brookfield launched their newest version of their popular AST 100 sensor. According to FLXON’S Marketing manager, Mark Johnson, “… it’s even smaller at 8.5” in length, so it can easily be placed in-line in any application.”

Mr. Johnson went to say the “…distinguishing features of the new AST 100® sensor’s advanced micro-harmonic sensing technology is that it has no moving parts, is easy to flush in-line, is unaffected by vibration, can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It even senses temperature. Feedback from the more than 1000 sensors in-use sensors is extremely positive. Customer’s report it is more user friendly and reliable then their old systems – even on tough coating and laminating applications.”

The AST 100 sensor is the heart of Brookfield’s control system, which is available in the single unit UNO and the multi-station MULTIPLO for controlling up to 12 stations. All systems are programmable to control viscosity to within 0.5 sec on a number 2 Zhan cup. Trending and reporting on viscosity can be in cup or any other measurement. Temperature can be reported in F or C.

Johnson said already a number of major press manufacturers have moved to the AST 100 sensor as part of their standard new press offering.

He went on to say that Brookfield’s commitment to process control and improvement mirrors FLXON’S. Both companies strive to help printers drive waste from their process and to improve their sustainability footprint. For more information about availability and cost, contact Mark @ 704-844-2434, ext 110.