Image Access' New Extended Warranty Conditions Provide Even More Protection

Image Access is the first scanner manufacturer worldwide offering free spare parts and consumables as part of their Extended Warranty Program. Unlike the competition, Image Access does not limit warranty offerings to only parts which rarely break. The warranty program now includes all parts and consumables – things that can and do need replacing during the lifetime of a scanner. Scratched glass plate, broken lamp, worn out transport drum? All parts will be replaced at no cost under the Extended Warranty Program.

Competitors have similar warranty programs and offerings but they all exclude glass plates, lamps, transport and pressure rollers or other consumables. This means that the total cost of ownership for the scanner over its lifetime is considerably higher than the purchase price, when taking the cost of all spare parts into consideration. What might look like a low initial price tag can be deceiving. Replacement parts and consumables increase the total cost of ownership significantly.

Image Access has decided to lower total cost of ownership when scanners are covered by the Extended Warranty Program. The Extended Warranty Program guarantees all parts free of charge. This offer applies to any WideTEK or Bookeye scanner if used at a rate of up to 10,000 scans per month. Image Access’ new Extended Warranty Program ensures a protected investment at no additional cost.

The new TCO calculator, now available at at no charge, helps in calculating various total costs of ownership scenarios. It also includes different models from main competitors and computes the real cost per year depending on various usage patterns. The calculator uses published US$ list prices and is very flexible yet simple to use.