E.H. Teasley & Co., Inc. & Inkjet International

InkJet Expands into Post Print Services & Installation

InkJet International now offers in-house professional sign & graphics service installation solutions. With complete insurance coverage and a fleet of equipment and service vehicles, InkJet Service & Installation Team staff has considerable knowledge, tools and experience in a range of installation techniques.

“This new addition supports growing turn-key requirements for branded environments and a reliable solution for sign and graphics resellers. These markets represent Inkjet’s catalyst for growth and its core customer set”, said Jittu Sarna, InkJet President & Founder. “As printing companies evolve to become solution providers, services at the pre-print and post-print phases of the transaction represent a sustainable business model with growth potential.”

InkJet customers benefit from staff that includes trained and licensed operators of a variety of indoor and outdoor installation vehicles including bucket trucks, crane trucks and other aerial lift vehicles. InkJet staff has all the needed work certificate and licenses suitable for all different levels of installation work required.

“The InkJet team is dedicated to protect our customers’ brand image. All InkJet staff carries out their installation work diligently and maintains a high standard of professional workmanship, attitude and care.”

Each InkJet installation and service project provides comprehensive examination of each project, from site inspection; review of worker safety and workmanship, and to ensure that the project is completed within the specified time. We keep our customers up-to-date with project status and provide detailed report and photos when the installation work is complete.