David Ashkenaz Announces His 15th Year Helping PrintSmith Users, Plus the Launch of his New Website

David Ashkenaz, owner and principal of Ashkenaz Consulting is proud to announce the 15th year as an Independent PrintSmith Consultant helping printers install, use and upgrade their PrintSmith Management Systems, in addition, he is proud to announce the launch of his web site (www.psmithconsultant.com), where current and potential clients can see his service listings, the products he sells, and how it helps maximize PrintSmith’s potential. Website visitors are also to view past issues of his email blasts containing articles pertinent to their business.

In conjunction to being a PrintSmith Consultant, Ashkenaz is now a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, enabling him to help PrintSmith users integrate valuable data direct from PrintSmith into QuickBooks. Ashkenaz has traveled in nearly every state in the union, from Alaska to Florida, including Canada and the Bahamas, helping fellow printers with their PrintSmith installations, setups, and utilization.

Background Experience

Ashkenaz started in the printing business in 1972. In 1979 he owned and operated a print shop in Florida. Successfully expanding from one location into five locations, he became one of the Top 100 Quick Printers in the US. Later, after owning and operating print shops for over 25 years, he sold all 5 locations. He then focused on becoming certified in PrintSmith and began consulting for fellow printers, helping them implement the power and functionality of PrintSmith and demonstrating the benefits of PrintSmith in pricing print jobs effectively, tracking workflow in a printing business, and monitoring profitability. Today, after many years as an Independent Consultant, Ashkenaz installs and trains printers of all different sizes on how best to utilize PrintSmith in their operations.

With Ashkenaz’s in-depth, hands-on printing experience, it makes him a “natural” to do PrintSmith consulting. PrintSmith users love the fact that Ashkenaz not only knows PrintSmith fully, but that he fully understands “their” business and the difficulties they face as well. Very few computer consultants know both the program as well as intricacies of their client’s business, Ashkenaz notes, “In my case, I walk into a client’s office and within minutes I am asking questions that only printers would ask in order to get the correct information into PrintSmith so that it will work properly.”

And now, as a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Ashkenaz now can help PrintSmith users integrate PrintSmith data with their QuickBooks accounting system for more meaningful reports. Ashkenaz fully understands the importance of good accounting and the benefits it brings to a printing business. As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Ashkenaz also sells all of QuickBooks products and fully supports them all as well.

Ashkenaz is also well versed in the PrintSmith options Report Writer, Scheduler and Tracker. These are the 3 add-on programs to the basic PrintSmith program. To further attest Ashkenaz’s knowledge, many of his clients have offered him permanent jobs in their business, a few even offered to sell Ashkenaz the business as well.

New Web Site

Ashkenaz has recently introduced his new website, www.psmithconsultant.com where clients can view the variety of hardware and software that Ashkenaz has available to his clients. In addition to the bar codes scanners that track jobs and many other tasks in PrintSmith,

New Products

Ashkenaz is now selling many industry software solutions from leading software developers such as, Adobe, Microsoft, and QuickBooks. And is also selling the Neat Desk Scanner that scans vendor invoices right into QuickBooks, bypassing the typing of invoice data into QuickBooks. Neat Scanners will also scan business cards for easy sorting. Neat scanners are available for both the PC and Mac computers. Ashkenaz invites you check out his new website and provide feedback. Contact info below


As a former print shop business owner, Ashkenaz understands that printers are busy. As a result, he provides his expertise exclusively to his to his PushPS and PushQB clients. With a direct phone number providing 24/7 access to David’s knowledge and experience, is paramount to a successful operation. Ashkenaz is always eagerly waiting to help his clients maximize PrintSmith and QuickBooks features and power. Owners and managers want and need complete and reliable information to successfully manage their business. Access to the answers they need helps them achieve their goals.