Gill Studios, Inc.

Gill-Line Expands Field Sales Manager Positions

Gill-line expands to 5 Field Sales Mangers with the hire of Danielle Davidson. She joins Gill as our Greater Texas Territory Field Sales Manager. 

Prior to joining Gill-Line, Danielle worked for Bullet Marketing as a Field Sales Representative.  Consistently held a number one ranking in the country and was the only sales representative on the Triple Crown list, which consisted of being top in each of three sales categories; quantity of leads generated, percentage of issue rate, and percentage of demo rate/actual sale.  Danielle has also held recruiting positions that required a strong sales background to sell the company and the candidate for suitable job placement. Danielle believes sales are a constant evolution of growth and change and her skills acquired through various industries will bring a fresh perspective.  

In May 2012 an outside sales force, the Field Sales Manager, was established to enhance the distributor’s one-on-one contact with Gill.  The  “Gill Power of Three”, which includes Regional Sales Managers, Regional Sales Associates and Field Sales Managers strive to enhance the customer experience by creating multiple touch points for distributor interaction.