Masterpiece Graphix

Masterpiece Graphix Announces Cutting-edge Functional Coating Capabilities & Converting Solutions

Masterpiece Graphix (MGX) has added innovative industry-leading technologies for coating applications, serving a multitude of industries including aerospace, electronics and the medical field. This allows MGX to provide an extensive range of unique coating solutions like anti-corrosive, anti-glare, anti-static, heat-resistant, lab trials, pre-print, post-print, and other functional coatings.                   

Masterpiece Graphix (MGX) has added equipment to their St. Louis, MO facility for applications focusing on functional coatings. Now MGX can serve the converting industry with an extensive range of coating capabilities and converting technologies for a wide variety of applications.

Utilizing their new state-of-the-art equipment, Masterpiece Graphix can now apply a variety of functional coatings to many substrates, including anti-corrosive, anti-glare, anti-static, heat-resistant, gel, lab trials, pre-print, and post-print coatings. These capabilities allow MGX to apply bottom-end to top-end coat weights, from thin aqueous solutions to heavy coat weight gels. MGX can also offer pilot and demo runs for organizations that want to test coatings without utilizing their in-house equipment.

“We are extremely excited about the formal announcement of our functional coatings capabilities,” said Dan Lawellin, vice president of business development, MGX. “What you’re seeing is the next generation and evolution of our services, building on our reputation of world class coatings for a variety of applications and letting our coating experts do what they do best.  Masterpiece Graphix is going to bring the same service, quick change capability, and application driven development that we have provided the print community to the rest of the coated materials world, including electronics, aerospace, and medical coatings. We have an absolutely incredible, efficient, and innovative team paired with some of the most sophisticated coating technology in the industry.  That combination will bring new products, applications, and revenue streams to our partners and end users by allowing them to explore new developments that would have traditionally been cost prohibitive or otherwise difficult to justify on traditional coating equipment.”

MGX’s expanded capabilities also include a full portfolio of turnkey sheet converting solutions: sheet-to-sheet, roll-to-sheet, and custom sheeting, as well as traditional full roll-to-roll applications.  Masterpiece Graphix can serve roll and sheet opportunities with proprietary technology that outperforms conventional techniques.