Software Solutions Play a Vital Role at drupa 2012

Despite all of the excitement around new digital (B2) hardware and the emerging digital packaging print opportunity, drupa 2012 also showed that the industry is rapidly and fundamentally changing from analog to digital and from print to cross-media communications. More than ever, software is need to drive efficiencies in production and enable end users to capitalize on the growing need for value-added services. InfoTrends provides a succinct overview of the most important trends witnessed at drupa this year in The Strategic Workflow Implications of drupa 2012.

InfoTrends recommends that software vendors formulate a cloud-based workflow strategy. Even though the move to cloud solutions will not happen overnight, InfoTrends expects a healthy transition to cloud-services in the coming years. At drupa, numerous software vendors announced or demonstrated cloud-based workflow solutions. InfoTrends sees a variety of developments in three different stages or evolutions of cloud-based architectures:

1) Cloud-based functionalities – The first step is that licensed solutions are expanded with cloud-based functionalities.

2) Multi-tenancy solutions – The next step up is a multi-tenancy cloud-solution, which is a single instance of the software that runs on a server serving multiple client organizations (versus having multiple instances running on multiple servers).

3) Cloud-based platforms – The third level that we see emerging are cloud-based platforms. Those platforms are a set of umbrella workflow solutions that have been closely integrated and are based on a common architecture. Instead of deploying them as licensed solutions, vendors are moving them to the cloud, which offers benefits in terms of deployment, integration, innovation, and enables them to grow their revenues by adding solutions from adjacent fields (e.g., digital marketing).

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