Kaspar Papir d.o.o.

Injuction Against Kaspar Papir & Azourite Ventures Overturned

Kaspar Papir d.o.o. (Kaspar) and Azourite Ventures Ltd (Azourite) have announced that the preliminary injunction prompted by W.A. Sanders Papierfabriek “Coldenhove” B.V. (Coldenhove) has been ruled ineffective by the Court in Barcelona, Spain on March 27, 2012.

Coldenhove had sought an injunction in February 2012 against Kaspar and subsequently against Azourite, which was the Company of the group appearing during the Federation of Screen and Digital Printers Associations (FESPA) event held in Barcelona on the basis of an alleged lack of validity of a patent licensing agreement.

The ruling of Commercial Court No. 5 of Barcelona (Preliminary Injunction Docket No. 111/2012-2nd), lifts the injunction against Kaspar and its affiliate Azourite and Coldenhove has been ordered to pay not only the costs of the proceedings but also any damages or losses incurred by Azourite.

Dr Martinovic, Managing Director of Azourite, said: “We are very pleased with the decision of the court and it vindicates us and our partner Kaspar Papir from the allegations that have been made against us.”

“We believe the Spanish Court’s decision is a signal that deliberate attempts to use the legal system to disrupt the business of competitors will not be tolerated,” he added.