Political Campaign Button Tags with QRCodes Create Interactive Events and Speeches

Badgetec has developed a new low-cost easy-to-wear Button Tag for interactive campaigns & increased candidate communication.  For more than 150 years, political and campaign buttons have been used to communicate a candidate’s message, but now they have morphed into people-friendly clip-on Button Tags.  These can be laser printed at the time of a campaign event with the candidate’s QRCodes, allowing Smartphone links by the audience.  Button Tags can be printed immediately before scheduled campaign events and speeches with the QR Code for that particular event.  This links the attendees to the specific Webpage for the candidate’s current message and the audience’s feedback.  Media links reinforce the verbal message and provide supporting/proof material, particularly for members of the press.  Besides outlines of current issues and policy positions, QRCode links can also solicit funds while excitement is high!

Button Tags are a recent development provided as round, diecut circles on sturdy laser/inkjet printable sheets.  They are printable front and back.  Each Button Tag has a slot punched near the top for attaching a new clothing-safe Contour Clip – replacing the traditional metal pins.  They attach to a garment like a large paperclip.  The Contour Clip is also child-safe.  Having printed Tags with current information and a QRCode, supporters at events can become more involved and remain updated on important topics.