Real Benefits Make New Meeting/Name Badge Design a Success

After years of development, Badgetec has perfected a new type of meeting name badge and button tag system that is proving commercially successful.  These new low-cost easy-to-wear badges, tags & IDs have eliminated the plastic holder and make name badges do what they are supposed to do:

Make name badges easier-to-read because they are worn higher, near eye-level; they lay flat and provide greater text-contrast for easier reading

Are eco-friendly (without plastic holders) as well as substantially lower cost

Easier-to-wear for women & men with the new clothing-safe Contour Clip that attaches like a “paperclip” over an edge of ones garment

And they are much less work for the staff and personnel to issue  

We have all had problems reading people’s name badges at an event – they were too low, they were hanging backwards or they were unreadable.  Now name badges have morphed into people-friendly clip-on badges that are sufficiently light to be attached high on ones clothing.  Besides these improvements, positioning your name badge near eye level solves most of the problem of reading ones name!     

Badgetec’s patent applications describe this new design of name badge as a recent development based on modern laser and ink-jet printers.  All rectangular badges and round button tags are diecut on sturdy laser/inkjet printable sheets.  They are printable front and back.  Each badge and tag has a slot punched near the top for attaching the Contour Clip or a lanyard – replacing the traditional metal pins & clips.  The Contour Clip attaches to a garment like a large paperclip.  Hence, the Contour Clip is both clothing-safe and child-safe.  Badges are made of either heavy cardstock or heavy polyester.  The cardstock is recycled just like paper (biodegradable & compostable).  The polyester badges can be recycled along with polyester water bottles.