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Innovation for the Hot-foil Stamping Process: Gold Print Leads Italian Market with BOBST MASTERFOIL 106 PR Purchase

In line with their strong spirit of innovation, Gold Print S.r.l., the Italian hot-foil stamping specialists based in Soresina, close to Cremona, have recently installed a new BOBST MASTERFOIL 106 PR, the first of its kind in Italy.

The new machine is part of a process of innovation, and specialization in the hot-foil stamping market at a European level, started some years ago in co-operation with BOBST. The machine compliments the company's BOBST FOILJET 104 FBR-R foil stamping cylinder press which is able to execute large solid foil areas as well as very fine embossing, and is mainly suitable for long-run jobs which are typical of the mainstream added value packaging market. Together the two machines offer a unique synergy and give Gold Print the ability to offer a wide range of products to their customers. Mauro Galloni, owner of Gold Print S.r.l., said: "Our company has always invested in truly innovative and highly advanced technology for its principal production activities. We have always found in BOBST a partner focused on research and innovation. The new machine is a unique opportunity to widen our reference markets. Thanks to the new dynamic Power Register II, which gives us a level of precision that was impossible to achieve before, Gold Print S.r.l. will be able to offer the market for web foil stamping, in particular the tobacco sector, the highest quality  as demanded by the big multinational companies. With the Power Register II, we will in fact recover any possible errors caused by the way the printed reels are cut and avoid any out-of-register problems.”

The new MASTERFOIL 106 PR also features a completely redesigned platen section that gives 50% longer contact time between the foil and the sheet, compared to any other press in the market.

Mauro Galloni said: “The market requires higher and higher quality levels and nowadays companies that do not adapt to the changing market requirements for increasingly higher quality find themselves relegated on the sidelines. Thanks to this new machine, the hot-foil stamping process is experiencing a second revolution. With the installation of the FOILJET 104 FBR-R in 2004, the Italian market was introduced to the highest possible quality and productivity levels available at that time. Today, with the new BOBST MASTERFOIL 106 PR, we are living the second revolution and once again setting the standard for flat-to-flat foil stamping in Italy and beyond. The new Foil Touch System means that we get high quality results at lower temperatures and pressures, even with difficult jobs such as those with large stamping areas or with very fine embossing, while the precision and stability of the machine allows us to get closer and closer to zero-fault packaging production, a key factor for packaging manufacturers in today's market”.

Designed as a pure foil stamping press, the MASTERFOIL 106 PR is easy to operate and delivers significantly reduced set-up times and costs, making Gold Print S.r.l. a very competitive company.

“The Italian and European hot-foil stamping market demands competitiveness and flexibility. The MASTERFOIL is helping us achieve these goals not only with its high production speed of up to 8,000 sheets per hour on virtually all jobs, but also thanks to its dedicated automatic systems which allow the reduction of setting-up times by 25%. The Easy Foil system makes changing foils easier than ever, reducing the number of manual adjustments carried out by the operator. The machine can be set and operated from almost anywhere on the machine. It means the operators can work more efficiently instead of having to run back to the middle of the platform all the time, as they have to do on standard foil stamping machines,” said Mr. Galloni.

With the new MASTERFOIL 106 PR, the Italian company is poised to achieve a premier position in the Italian and European hot-foil stamping markets and will be able to handle a wider range of materials.

Roberto Zaniboni, Plant Manager at Soresina, says: “The types of materials we are able to handle today are wide ranging: besides varnished or plasticized paper and board, we are able to handle plastic materials, something we are in part used to after the installation of the FOILJET.  It is difficult to achieve high quality results with plastic materials since plastic is easily deformed by heat. With the new Foil Touch System, this problem is cleverly solved thanks to its more homogeneous heat diffusion.”

Marco Locatelli, Sales Manager of BOBST in Italy, said, "We are delighted that specialist foil stamping company Gold Print S.r.l. continues to see BOBST as the only viable partner for supplying the high quality and high performance equipment they need. Their investment highlights the fact that the MASTERFOIL 106 PR is setting new standards in foil stamping for the Italian market."