Support Grows for Verdigris as EcoPrint Europe Becomes Latest Associate Member

EcoPrint Europe 2012 is the latest associate member to support Verdigris, the environmental initiative from graphic arts research group Digital Dots.

Verdigris is a not-for-profit research initiative designed to help printers and their customers understand more about the environmental impact of print media. The goal is to raise awareness of print’s positive environmental impact through cooperative content development shared with an international network of trade publishers.

With a focus on Retail, Interiors, POP/S, Packaging and Promotional Print, the content for EcoPrint Europe (Berlin, September 26 and 27, 2012) is designed to provide practical answers, guidance and solutions for any business from the world of print that wants to make a strategic investment in sustainability. Featuring practical and inspiring content that focuses on reducing waste, minimizing cost and increasing profit, EcoPrint participants will benefit from connecting, discussing and discovering ideas and innovation for successful green print production.

Marcus Timson, director of EcoPrint organizer FM Brooks, says: “We fully support Verdigris’s focus on gathering and disseminating the facts about the environmental impact of specific media products, which is in line with EcoPrint’s position as a forum which will provide print professionals with a defined, practical guide to implementing and enhancing profitability through a sustainable approach to the print business. Both Verdigris and EcoPrint share the belief that hard, empirical data is essential to achieving this.”

Welcoming EcoPrint Europe’s support, Verdigris founder Laurel Brunner says: “In important respects EcoPrint and Verdigris share the same philosophy about how to prove and promote print’s sustainable credentials, an issue that for the most part industry events have so far addressed in a haphazard fashion. Too often sustainability has been a sideshow, but EcoPrint Europe puts it centerstage, where it belongs, and where print producers and print consumers can begin to really understand the issues and evaluate suppliers’ offerings.”

As an example what how EcoPrint differs from other events, she cites the EcoPrint Exhibitor Review Committee, which provides an independent review process for the products, services, applications and solutions at the exhibition, ensuring that exhibits are consistent with EcoPrint’s objectives of enhancing awareness of print’s sustainability, low carbon impact and competitiveness.