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InteliCoat Technologies Adds Magic Protect Laminate to Its Complementary Line of Products

InteliCoat Technologies has announced the addition of Magic Protect Laminate to its complementary line of products for the digital imaging market. The textured laminate serves as a match component solution for trade show graphics when used with Magic POS PRO+ 400 blockout film, delivering a cost-effective, time saving solution for trade show graphic construction.

The anti glare surface of Magic Protect makes it ideal for trade show and banner stand graphics. When paired with InteliCoat’s 16.5 mil POS PRO+ 400, the match component enables optimized trade show construction in two simple steps. Designed for universal printing, the opaque, printable POS PRO+ 400 film with a rigid backer offers improved rigidity and a bright white printing surface for added color pop. POS PRO+ 400 also features high image quality along with durability and is manufactured with a universal matte coating compatible with aqueous, eco and solvent, latex, and UV cure printers. In addition to the match component of POS PRO+ 400, Magic Protect laminate is compatible across the line of Magic products.

“While the traditional method for creating trade show graphics includes multiple steps and costly materials, the match component combination of Magic Protect with InteliCoat’s 16.5 mil POS PRO+ 400 allows users to just print and laminate,” said Jennifer Chagnon, Senior Marketing Manager at InteliCoat Technologies. “We are excited to add Magic Protect to our growing line of complementary products, which now includes Magic Inks and Museo Enhance clear coat solution. By extending our reach within the digital imaging market, we strive to provide our customers with the utmost in innovation and service.”