Fujifilm Illustrates the Benefits of Print to Young Students at Shine 2012

Fujifilm was at the center of many students’ attention at the Shine 2012 School Media Awards at Stationers’ Hall on June 25th, as Sales Manager Mark Stephenson held an engaging presentation on 52 things you can’t do on an iPad but can do in print.

The awards, which are designed to stimulate young students’ interest in the afore-mentioned medium, share a lot in common with educational initiative PrintIT!, which Fujifilm sponsors annually.

“Fujifilm did not sponsor Shine but was asked to participate,” clarifies Stephenson, “We got involved because we want to help children understand different media platforms and give them some insight into the printing industry, so I decided to do something creative. I guess I am a children’s entertainer at heart!”

Throughout the awards Stephenson delivered four 15-minute talks to a total of around 100 students, during which he distributed packs of playing cards which were expertly finished by the Sheffield-based finishing equipment company Rollem. Each card displayed a unique fact about print that the iPad fails to replicate, the most popular no doubt being the one that read “you couldn’t wrap your teacher in an iPad”, at which point Stephenson produced a giant roll of paper, much to the students’ delight. The decks of cards, along with assorted print-related treats, were given away as prizes at the end of the talk.