Association of Marketing Service Providers

MFSA Name Change Announced

During the recently held Annual Conference, attending members overwhelmingly voted to approve the proposed name change as part of an overall rebranding initiative for the association. This action satisfies the bylaw requirement related to changing the name to the Association of Marketing Service Providers. The name change will not become official until the first of next year.

During the conference’s opening session, MFSA’s President Ken Garner, provided an overview of the background and reasoning for the proposed name change. He was quick to note that the rebranding initiative would not impact the association’s commitment to its current menu of products and services. Satisfying the needs of its existing core members would remain the focus of the staff and Board of Directors.

Garner explained that the name change was part of an on-going process that began with a strategic planning meeting held in 2009 and culminated during a subsequent planning meeting held in 2011, with a commitment to a full-scale rebranding effort. In addition to the name change, the rebranding process will include a fresh new tagline—“Delivering Education, Networking and Advocacy”—along with a new logo the is currently being developed. At the conclusion of the rebranding process, all of the association’s products and promotional materials will have a consistent look and will be easily identified as a product of the Association of Marketing Service Providers.

As previously mentioned, this is the culmination of an extended, iterative process that carefully examined the association’s membership and the industry it serves. Taking into account the dynamic forces that have altered the marketplace, MFSA’s leadership felt that repositioning the association’s focus toward leading members to effectively diversify their value propositions to help them develop a sustainable competitive advantage was the best strategic direction to follow.

Garner urged conference attendees and all members to contact him, or a member of the Board of Directors to discuss concerns and ask questions. You can count on lots of additional information and progress updates coming your way.