How to Improve TransPromo Communications

When the term “TransPromo” was coined over five years ago, there were high hopes that the result would be rapid adoption of this technique to increase the value and relevance of transactional documents. While the concept remains intriguing, in practice it is not as simple as it seems for many enterprises. InfoTrends offers recommendations to stakeholders in the TransPromo supply chain that will help kick start improved statement-based TransPromo communications. Here are a few keys to success:

• Change the conversation. Do not start with the buzzword; start with the value proposition. Transactional documents need to be part of the holistic communications process.

• Engage executive resources at the highest possible level within the organization. An executive sponsor who understands the vision and the ultimate value to the company can be invaluable in getting disparate resources onboard and collaborating.

• Start the conversation with a discussion of the value of personalized educational or service messaging on transactional documents; promotional messaging will follow as a natural result once companies see the results they achieve with customer education.

• As with any focused marketing communications effort, make sure clear business objectives are specified, and metrics are established that allow companies to accurately and effectively measure success.

View the entire list of recommendations as well as industry trends and actionable items that need to be addressed to finally see critical mass adoption by issuers of transactional documents in InfoTrends’ TransPromo Today: An Industry Perspective. This report is available for immediate purchase.