SnailWorks Wins Mail Industry Ingenuity Award Innovative Multi-Channel Solution Lauded by MFSA

ProList, Inc., a Maryland based direct marketing service was awarded the Mailing and Fulfillment Service Association (MFSA) Mail Industry Ingenuity Award for the development of SnailWorks, its coordinated direct marketing platform.

The award is given in recognition of creative problem solving in mailing industry business operations. The SnailWorks system was designed as an intuitive, powerful system that will allow a variety of marketers to enter the multi-channel space with a minimum investment.

ProList Vice President Dave Lewis, one of the designers of the new service, commented on the award: “We’re very proud of the recognition given to us by MFSA in this award. We believe we have developed an important new service, and it is gratifying to have that recognized by an association of our peers.”

The SnailWorks service is designed to allow mailers to coordinate traditional direct mail efforts with new media such as email marketing, web landing pages, and mobile marketing. Direct mail projects set up in the SnailWorks system will be tracked as they travel through the Postal Service, using Intelligent Mail, and when each mail piece is delivered, that event will “trigger” other follow-up efforts such as email, telemarketing, or text messaging. The system will also host and track web and mobile-based landing pages that prospects will be able to access from the direct mail or follow-up efforts.

“This award is all about problem solving, and figuring out how to meet the challenge of multi-channel marketing is a big problem for our industry,” said Lewis. “It’s a big problem and we developed a big solution.  We’re honored to receive an award for it.”

SnailWorks services are provided directly to direct marketers in the Washington, DC area, and offered through resellers across the country.