InfoTrends Launches New Study Titled "Customer Communication Management - Overcoming Implementation Challenges"

In recent years, the Customer Communication Management (CCM) solutions market has seen rapid evolution, driven by fundamental changes in the communication landscape. CCM enables enterprises to embrace business intelligence and personalized multi-channel messaging that lowers their communication costs, better fulfill their customers’ evolving communication needs and optimize customer lifetime value.

As a result, the market for CCM solutions has been rapidly growing. However, difficulties in software infrastructures, skills and resource deployment, misalignment of stakeholders, regulatory compliance or other factors may limit the ability of the enterprise to implement or advance its CCM strategy. InfoTrends’ new multi-client study, Customer Communication Management: Overcoming the Implementation Challenges, is designed to provide Customer Communication Management (CCM) providers and their customers with insights, tools, and strategies to overcome implementation challenges associated with CCM.

“This study will identify and categorize different approaches to implementation, and come up with best practices to overcome implementation challenges,” commented Kaspar Roos, Associate Director of InfoTrends’ Production Workflow & Custom Communications Solutions Services. “The CCM market has seen very healthy growth but future growth may be impaired as enterprises lack education and struggle to implement the solutions they (think they) have bought.”

Some objectives that this study will cover include:

• Identify, categorize, and analyze CCM implementation challenges

• Understand how IT enterprise trends such as cloud computing or data security can help o overcome implementation challenges

• Provide tools and strategies, such as whitepapers, case studies, best practices, and assessment scorecard/framework that allow enterprises to understand, assess, and overcome implementation challenges

• Provide sales and promotion whitepaper for CCM vendors that outline the strength of their approach to CCM implementation challenges, including 3rd party independent research that validates architectural strength or solution sophistication

Through a mix of primary and secondary research, InfoTrends aims to get an in-depth and broad understanding of CCM issues with a focus on Finance, Insurance, Telecom/Utilities, Manufacturing/Pharma, and Government verticals.

For more information on Customer Communication Management: Overcoming the Implementation Challenges, please contact Scott Phinney at 781-616-2123 or

Early subscriber rates are available through September 15, 2012: Early subscribers play a significant role in the design of this study. This is a great opportunity to do your own primary research without incurring all the expenses.