Lorton Data

Lorton Data Announces Partnership with Krengeltech through A-Qua Integration into DocuMailer

Lorton Data, a leader in data driven marketing services, announced it has joined forces with Krengeltech, a custom software solutions and internet applications developer, to integrate its A-Qua platform within Krengeltech’s DocuMailer. Through the partnership, Krengeltech’s DocuMailer and IBM i user base will now have postal mailing data preparation capabilities completely incorporated within a variable data document imaging and design solution.

Lorton Data’s A-Qua platform enables both the DocuMailer and IBM i community to access address quality and mail list processing services such as CASS Certified ZIP + 4  coding, NCOALink processing, Duplicate Record Elimination, and PAVE certified Postal Presort in the cloud rather than having to install mailing software on their local computer or server. By accessing these services in the cloud, mailers can reduce their total cost of ownership when compared to costs associated with using on-premise mailing software. Not having to own or renew mailing software eliminates dedicated computer equipment costs, software maintenance and upgrade fees, and reduces overall processing time and labor.

Through the A-Qua integration with DocuMailer, Objectif Lune’s PlanetPress and PrintShop Mail users also have access to address quality and mail list processing features in the cloud.

“We are very excited about the partnership,” said Josh Evans Vice President of Product Development at Lorton Data. “Clearly Krengeltech brings unique strength and understanding to the variable data print market. We believe that DocuMailer paired with our A-Qua platform represents the future of mailing workflow efficiency, combining best-in-class installed software with best-in-class cloud applications.”

“The IBM i community has a passionate and loyal following.  Since the development of our RPG-XML Suite software, we have been known as the independent software vendor who facilitates seamless cloud communications to and from the IBM i server.  Lorton Data’s technology speaks for itself.  Developing a tight integration between Lorton Data, IBM i, and DocuMailer just made sense,” said Jeff Skistad, Krengeltech Sales and Marketing Director.