ABC Imaging Taps Jon Meyer to Lead Global QA Initiative

ABC Imaging has hired Jon Meyer as Vice President of Quality Assurance. Meyer will lead the Washington, DC-based company’s global QA initiative. With 25 years of high-end digital printing experience, Meyer has extensive knowledge of inks, media, print hardware, software, and workflow with the intent of managing color fidelity in print output.

“Jon Meyer's leadership in color and appearance optimization allows us to continue to improve our delivery of quality printing,” said Medi Falsafi, ABC Imaging’s President and CEO. “Globally, we are pioneering a new paradigm that leverages state-of-the-art technologies to produce quality, value, and faster print turnaround times.”

In his new position, Meyer will head a team responsible for developing the company’s new color management technologies and systems. The goal will be to ensure that the color a user sees on the screen matches the printer output whether printed locally or remotely.

“Customers will be able to send a proof to their in-house ABC Imaging managed printer and then request matching output from any of our worldwide locations,” Meyer said. “A match will be guaranteed because of our streamlined print workflow and printer certification process.”

According to Meyer, the power of predictive quality means that a client’s promotional collateral can be distributed across multiple print technologies with matching results.

ABC Imaging has nearly 40 regional production hubs located on four continents and has plans to continue to expansion. In addition, the company provides on-site print services to more than 35,000 users, primarily in the AEC market, through its Facilities Management programs.

Company plans include continued development of BlueprintOnline-Next Generation (BPOL-NG). BPOL-NG provides online document management services for the project lifecycle.

“Our development and use of cloud-based technologies enables us to securely warehouse and distribute digital assets for and to our clients,” Falsafi said.